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NBA Free Agent Pick ‘Em

For about the past two years, NBA and sports fans alike have been anxiously awaiting the summer of 2010, more specifically, July 1st. Now if you have not watched a single minute of Sports Center since 2008 or have no idea who LeBron James is, then maybe you aren’t as excited as the rest of the self-aware world and I am. But if neither of those apply to you, then you know the entire landscape of the NBA will change shortly as some of the best basketball players in the world are about to become free agents. Guys like LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh, and tons of more All Stars will be free to sign with any team they want in just a little more than a week. Franchises and their fan bases are doing anything they can do in order to lock up a superstar or two in order to try and win a long coveted championship (New York Knicks) or doing anything they can in order to keep the player that means everything to not only their organization, but their city (Cleveland Cavaliers).

That being said, anyone who follows “The Association” believes that they know, or at least have an idea, on where all of these top stars will be playing next year. People have voiced their opinions so strongly, saying statements like “LeBron could never leave the Cavs!”, “Why would D-Wade want to stick around in Miami?”, or “I guarantee Bosh is a Laker next year!” when in all honesty, we all have no clue what’s going to take place this offseason. But, because everyone thinks they’re right about which city these guys will be calling home, I decided to create a Fantasy league of my own where we will finally decide whose predictions are the most accurate.

Taking the top 16 free agents in the league, what you must do is accurately predict which of the 30 NBA teams said player will sign with next year. The point values (the max total you can receive is 1060 points, I know its not a round number, but it worked) are based on the stars skill level, amount of different teams interested in them, and the pain it would cause the team’s fan base that had them this year if they left. For example, LeBron has the highest ranking of all players because he is the most talented player in this free agent class, many teams are interested in recruiting him, and everyone feels that Cleveland might not exist as a city anymore if he leaves because it will become a ghost town without King James. Dwyane Wade, by comparison, is a nearly equally talented player, and the city of Miami would go into depression in “Wade County”, but many less teams feel they have a shot to sign him then LeBron.

Now that you know the rules, listed below are the players and their point values. Once again, correctly select the team each player will sign with and the one who gets the most player-team combos right will forever be known as the “Master of Free Agency” and wear the (metaphorical) crown as the most knowledgeable NBA fan… or luckiest, depending on how this whole summer works out. (NOTE: THIS CONTEST IS JUST FOR FUN. NO PRIZES, JUST BRAGGING RIGHTS.)

To send your picks in, join the official Facebook group here: and I will collect everyone’s entries and update standings throughout the entire summer till every of the 16 free agents have signed. I will post everyone’s picks in another blog entry once they are received by the cut off date. YOU MAY NOT ENTER THE COMPETITION AFTER JUNE 30, 2010 AT 11:59 PM! ALL ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER THIS TIME AND DATE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at and I will get back to you. Thanks and may the best fan win!

# Free Agent Player Point Value Team He Will Sign With
1 LeBron James 125
2 Dwyane Wade 100
3 Dirk Nowitzki 90
4 Chris Bosh 90
5 Amar’e Stoudemire 85
6 Joe Johnson 80
7 Carlos Boozer 80
8 David Lee 80
9 Rudy Gay (restricted) 70
10 Yao Ming 70
11 Ray Allen 60
12 Shaquille O’Neal 50
13 Tracy McGrady 50
14 Brendan Haywood 10
15 Raymond Felton 10
16 John Salmons 10