NFL: Draft Day 1 Reaction

Regardless of how much you love football or how much you know about football you should be seriously scratching your head after watching the first round. Pick one through six were not surprise. Teams took not only the top players available, with the most potential, but also filled glaring needs. Now here come the Cleveland Browns, and this is where I start slowly losing my mind.
Cleveland Browns: I understand that they need cornerback help, but they need help everywhere. Yes, Joe Haden is arguably the best corner in the draft, but he has a lot of question marks about his ability to stand alone on an island in coverage. Is he athletic enough? I’m not sure; he had a slow 40, but on game tape he looks a little faster. Also let’s remember his job in Florida’s defense was to just read the quarterback’s eyes, not a lot of route-recognition. But let’s think about the QBs in the SEC. That’s right the best one was on his team, and there are serious questions about Tebow’s transition into the NFL. Haden was surrounded by some of the most talented defensive players in all of college football so I’m not sure if his play at Florida really illustrates an individual level of success and I think there were a lot more NFL ready players available on the board at positions they needed.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Wow. Really all I have to say. He is a quick DT, but very weak and played in an under performing Pac-10 this year. There were better players on the board and could have addressed another position where top 10 players were available. Just to list a few: Earl Thomas, Jason Pierre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, Dan Williams, Sean Weatherspoon, and Jared Odrick. Any of those defensive players are more of lock for first round talent.
San Diego: Reached, but needed a running back.
Broncos: Talent is there for Demaryius Thomas, Intagibles are there for Tim Tebow, but neither is going to help for another few years. Dez Bryant was on the board, who is a NFL ready receiver who could help you out right away. Demaryius is a lot of raw talent but it will take awhile to develop. Tebow again, is going to take at least 2 years if not more to develop his motion into an NFL motion. What the organization is saying is they rather ignore defensive needs and pick players for the future. These could be great picks, or they could be two wasted first round picks.
Those are my four questionable teams out of the most exciting first round in recent history. The second round should be exciting with high caliber players like Sergio Kindle, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, Charles Brown, Rodger Saffold, Everson Griffen, and Daryl Washington available. You’ll regret missing it.


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