Matt Curry’s AFC and NFC Title Game Breakdown

My pick for the NFC champs this year will be the Minnesota Vikings because of their outstanding defense led by Jared Allen. They held the cowboys to only three points in their last playoff game and the defense will show how good it truly is this weekend when they play the Saints. Look for the defense to attack the Saint’s offensive line and make Brees uncomfortable in the pocket and possibly creates some turnovers in the backfield. The other and possible more significant reason for why they will win the super bowl is that the Vikings have the one two punch of Favre and Peterson. If you stop one, which is hard to do as it is, the other will burn you and it is hard for any team to keep this offense down for the whole game. The key for the Saints is to limit the damage, but look for the Vikings to lead early, and stay on top. The only advantage I will give to the Saints is that they are playing at the Superdome, which to me is the loudest and hardest place to play in if you are the opposing team. Other than that, look for the Vikings to pull out the victory by a score of 31- 17.

The AFC champs will be the New York Jets. Yes, I said it. The Jets will defeat the Colts on the road to make it to the Super Bowl. The reason for this decision is that the Jets have nothing to lose, and the pressure will be completely on the Colts. Peyton Manning is the one who will have to win this game for the Colts because the Jets will take away the running game, and look for the Jets to have great coverage down the field. It will be hard for Manning to get into a rhythm and I think it will cause this offense some trouble. As for the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets, it is key for them to play to their advantage: the running game, and limited use of Sanchez. The running game will be successful this weekend and it will keep Peyton Manning on the sideline, which is the one place the Jets want to see Manning at. In the end, if Sanchez and the Jets can limit the turnovers and maybe create one or two of their own we will see the Jets win 24-21 over the Colts.

Matt Curry


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