NFL: Predictions This Week

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

With one of the most exciting weekends of football in the near past, I have been thinking about what will be coming up in the last few weeks of the regular season. If you think about it, this is the first season for a lot of things. We have two undefeated teams after eleven games, Johnson has had three rushes of over 85 yards for touchdowns, and we have such a huge gap from the good to bad teams unlike any year in recent memory. To top it all off, we watched the destruction of a Bill Belichick team unlike any other before.

Lets begin with the last Monday night game between the Patriots and the undefeated Saints. This is probably one of the most impressive victories I have seen in quite a long time, mostly because it was a trouncing of the almighty Patriots. The defense of the pats could not stop the Saint’s offense led by the greatest quarterback, statistically of course, over the last few years. With another 300+ passing game in the books for Brees, it looks like the Saints will continue to dominate until possibly the game against Dallas late in the season. For now though, it will be interesting to see what happens to the Patriots, because they are 0-4 on the road, which is you’re wondering, doesn’t normally spell out a championship caliber team.          

One more team’s performance really stuck out to me over the weekend, and that was the Colts. We all know that the Colts should not have won that game against the Patriots, but they pulled yet another improbable win out of nowhere by defeating the Texans after being down seventeen points. I also give credit to the ever-patronized Peyton Manning, who might be the greatest clutch quarterback of all time. I think the Colts will struggle this weekend though at the Titans, who under the leadership of Vince Young have won their last five. I look for the Titans to continue this streak and maybe win seven or eight in a row before they lose. Why do I make so a bold prediction? When you have Johnson as your running back, who can bet against you? He has given us many highlights this year and almost single handedly kept his team in the game against the cardinals so Vince Young could win it on the last play of the game.

How about them chargers? Well they have looked great over the last few weeks, and look for it to continue for at least one more as they face yet another mediocre division team. I do think that the Chargers will continue to play strong and maybe have only one more loss by the end of the season, which will mean they win their division and get into the playoffs. Look for Tomlinson to maybe make a late push to try and get himself ready for the playoffs. On the other hand, the Broncos started out on fire, and have cooled down quite a bit. The win over the Giants on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean a thing because they are not the same team as the last few years. The Broncos will most likely fail to make the playoffs, which is no big deal because they are overachieving at this point.

UPSET ALERT!  Look for the Giants to make one final stand for their season against the Cowboys this weekend. I think they will beat the Cowboys, but it will be a one-week thing, as they will continue to struggle and not make the playoffs. The Cowboys will bounce back, and probably lose in the first round of the playoffs, as they seem to do every year.

Anyways here are some final predictions for the rest of the season. The saints will win the rest of their games and go undefeated into the playoffs. The Vikings will not lose either and have the greatest season that a team did not secure home field advantage. Look for the Bengals and Titans to finish out the season strong, and look for a final week clinch by the Patriots as they will struggle for the remainder of the season. Indy will do their thing until the playoffs, and look for the Chargers to have a major push before the playoffs. Well that’s enough for now, I’ll be back in a couple weeks with some final playoff predictions along with my superbowl champion.

Contact Information:
Matt Curry
WSOE Sports


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