SPORTS TIME: 12/1/09 Recap

Segment 1

Russell, Craig, and Eli           

The boys sang the praises of Drew Brees and the Saints. They added their comments on the Tiger Woods story.

Greg update

Russell discusses his beloved Panthers. Could the Thanksgiving games change? Will there be more games? The Giants defense isn’t very good anymore. Joe Girardi is teaching Mark Sanchez how to slide. Browns outscored the Panthers, Russell not happy about it.

Phoenix Time

Talked about the Football game, discussed about how the team lost at the end.  They then talked about the basketball team and how even though they aren’t playing well right now, they have shown signs of good things to come. The women’s team is off to a good start. Terrell Hudgins is going to get drafted.


Matt and Greg join Russell

All the guys agree that Notre Dame was right to fire Charlie Weis. The rest of the coaching carousel is discussed from Bowden to Paterno, to who will replace Charlie Weis. Boys pick


Matt   ORE-CIN-GT-TEX-FLA              NYG-MIN-TEN

Greg  ORE-CIN-GT-TEX-FLA               DAL-MIN-IND

Russell  ORE-CIN-GT-TEX-ALA           DAL-MIN-TEN

Craig   ORE-CIN-GT-TEX-FLA              DAL-MIN-IND

Contact Information:
David Aneser
WSOE Sports


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