SPORTS TIME: 11/10 Show Recap

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

David Craig and Eli started it off by recapping some key NFL games this weekend:

Steelers vs Broncos

-The steelers are coming on strong and it was a great all around victory as the defense kept the broncos offense off the field. “They always seem to find a way to win” as David said.
-The Broncos offense struggled while the defense couldn’t contain the Steelers offense as they scored three touchdowns in the second half of the game.
-Orton had a rating of 43.9, which is horrible. Are the broncos going to lose it as the season goes on as they did last year?

Cowboys vs Eagles
-the cowboys spread the ball out more without T.O.  The offense found a way to win and Romo played well to give his team a chance.
– Eagles shot themselves in the foot and they kicked a field goal down seven.
-The cowboys defense “bullied” the Eagles offense without Westbrook.
-0/5 in 1 yard third down situations by the Eagles,,, How does that happen with McNabb at QB!

UPDATE by Greg Brozowski
-Brady Quinn is supposed to start for the Browns this weekend
-court ruled in Michael Vick’s favor to keep $16 million because it happened before the dog fighting incident
– KC Chiefs released Larry Johnson

Colts vs Texans
-the Colts continue to find ways to win even though they struggled
-“Houston should have put that game in overtime” – Eli Kaufman, as they missed a field goal as time expired
-Houston came back even after being down 10-0

The Colts wont go undefeated as well as the Saints according to Craig

David believes that the Saints must worry about three games if they want to go undefeated :at home vs Pats, at Atlanta, at home vs Dallas

Giants vs Chargers
-Giants are struggling and at a huge point in their season and with the loss of Burress they need to find a way to give Manning a new target. They have lost four straight games.
-Chargers still won even though Rivers had an off game throwing three touchdowns with two interceptions
– The key third down run play was a mistake according to the guys, why sweep rather than run it up the gut with Jacobs?
-playoffs are not out of reach for the Giants but they must pick up the slack especially with the rough remaining schedule

Some quick predictions by Dave: Cardinals will win and the chargers/ broncos will win their division.

UPDATE 2 by Greg Browzowski

Kareem Abdul Jabar has a form of leukemia: he is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.
The AL gold glove winners were announced with two being Yankee players: Jeter and Texiera


-Mens and women tennis start in February and the schedules are now online at

Men’s Basketball
-The exhibition game was won, they had a huge effort by all the players and as the fouls came in earlier in the half giving some players who never got time some huge playing time.

Women’s Basketball
-100-32 win, huge effort by the team as they completely dominated the opponent all night
-the key to the season for the Phoenix is to not allow those late runs

Women’s Volleyball
-they have a game tonight, big game vs App State on staurday
-Phoenix need to win out to get into the SoCon Tournament
-Furman has already rapped up their division

Football against App State:
-Huge game for the regular season SoCon Championship
-Will Edwards be able to get back to his old form in this game against the tough defense of the Phoenix?
-Will Riddle and Hudgins be able to get things going and put up points to relieve pressure off the defense?
-should be a close game and not a blowout like most of the other games this year

NCAA Football Picks:

Iowa @ Ohio State:      Matt: Iowa, Craig: Iowa, David: Ohio State

Pitt @ Notre Dame:       Matt: Pitt, Craig: Pitt, David: Notre Dame

West Virginia @ Cincinnati:      Matt: Cincinnati, Craig: Cincinnati, David: West Virginia

Utah @ TCU:      Matt: TCU, Craig: TCU, David: TCU

Miami @ North Carolina:      Matt: Miami, Craig: Miami, David: Miami

NFL Picks:

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh:      Matt: Pitt, Craig: Pitt, David: Cincinnati

Atlanta @ Carolina:      Matt: Panthers, Craig: Atlanta, David: Atlanta

Dallas @ Green Bay:      Matt: Dallas, Craig: Dallas, David: Dallas

Philadelphia @ San Diego:      Matt: San Diego, Craig: Philadelphia, David: San Diego

New England @ Indianapolis:      Matt: New England, Craig: Indy, David: Indy

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Contact Information:
Matt Curry
WSOE Sports


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