MLB: Yankees win in six, crown new stadium

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

So before I start this, I would like to dedicate this blog to my grandfather who asked me to write a blog about his team’s victory when the Yankees won.  So here it is, and hope you all like it.

Where do I begin? I would probably have to start with the fact that once again the Yankees are on top of the baseball world. This is such a sad thought being a Mets fan. Even though I didn’t root for a specific team to win because I would have liked neither to win, the baseball fan in me said great series. The Yankees did what they had to do: win when Lee wasn’t pitching. The Phillies couldn’t capitalize with the two wins by Lee. Their offense was largely missing in this series from the big guys except Utley, who I think should have won the MVP for the series. Matsui won the final game for the Yankees with his great hitting, almost accomplishing a feat that no one else had ever done: hit for the cycle in the world series, but Utley was the only player keeping the Phillies in every game.

This series was pretty evenly matched outside of Cliff Lee and Mariano Rivera. Both lineups had people struggling and the bullpens were horrific. They say managers don’t win you games, but as shown by Manuel’s decisions in game six, they can certainly lose you some. With that said, he should have pulled out Pedro earlier. However it wouldn’t have mattered because Matsui was on a tear and once Mariano entered the game it was over.

This series was great for Major League baseball, and evidence of that was right here on campus as we saw the great fan bases of the Phillies and Yankees duel it out. This was easily the best series we have had in years, with many fans getting involved. I think it would have been an epic series if the Phillies could have forced a game seven and Cliff Lee came out on short rest to face the Yankees. Who knows what could have happened?

Anyways this was a special series because there were some players getting their first title including A-Rod and Texiera, but for some Yankees like Jeter and Rivera, this was their fifth. To me that it unprecedented in the history of the game and speaks to their talent and durability. Also a congrats to Joe Girardi, you now get five months of happiness before the fans get on your back next season. As for the Phillies too bad you couldn’t repeat, but next season you will have a great shot to return to the World Series.

This World Series was good to watch because of the power of both these teams. I was a little surprised that the pitchers didn’t give up ten runs at least once, but give credit to them. I think both teams can possibly look to a rematch next year, well the Phillies might have to worry about the Mets if they can stay healthy. Anyways its good for the season to finally be over, lets take a few months off, see what trades happen this offseason, and get ready for a new season in March.

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Matt Curry
WSOE Sports


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