Elon: Jeremy Peterson – The ideal Student Athlete as a Freshman

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

Football is one of the toughest sports to play in due to the high standard of talent and the long hours needed to practice. Jeremy Peterson was scouted out of high school, coming to Elon this year as a freshman, and has made that commitment as a wide receiver. When asked why he chose Elon, he answered it was his top choice because it was not only a good fit for him, but the football staff made it comfortable to call the school home. He didn’t have high expectations for himself as far as football goes. He expected to be a second string player who helped the first string practice, but has actually caught five passes for a total of forty-eight yards, with three games remaining in the season.

Peterson was quite happy with where he was at this season because he had playing time and he was making progress towards possibly becoming a starter next season. When asked what it is like to play alongside Terrell Hudgins and catch passes from Scott Riddle, he replied that it was “extremely exciting”. Peterson has such a respect for Riddle and Hudgins, claiming both would play for the NFL one day and even going as far as to compare playing next to Hudgins as exciting and playing with Adrian Peterson. As for traditions that the team has, he couldn’t think of any but instead brought to mind the fact that they are a team and are quite close to each other.

The other half of Jeremy Peterson’s time is spent as a student at college.  Peterson thinks that being a student athlete is extremely hard because of the time commitment to both school and football. His weekly schedule includes class, papers, practice most days, and study hall. He doesn’t get to talk to his family as much as he would like, and he would like more sleep than he gets, but the future computer science major is content with the opportunity he has been given. Having such a bright future, he is grateful to everyone who got him here. He hopes to make them proud by graduating while pushing himself academically, and hopefully adding a Southern Conference Championship as well as a national championship trophy to Elon’s showcase.


 Contact Information:

Matt Curry
WSOE Sports


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