Volleyball: UNC Greensboro outlasts Elon 3-2 in Round Two

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

Entering into the game, the Phoenix knew what this game meant: not only a chance to revenge a loss to the rival Spartans, but a chance to secure a spot in the Southern Conference Tournament. The Spartans however look to take control of their own destiny and defeat the Phoenix twice this season.

First set: Both teams came out pumped and ready to go as the early going was extremely close. With the score 14-12 Spartans, the Phoenix took a timeout.  Out of the timeout the Spartans took the opportunity to extend their lead, even causing another timeout by the Phoenix with the score 18-12. The Phoenix battled back, but lost the set by a score of 25-21.

Second Set: Ace Lizzy West served for the second time (already having one ace earlier in the set) during the set, the Phoenix made a quick run which led to a Spartan timeout with the score 16-14 Phoenix. Lauren Coppenhagan added her own ace to give the Phoenix a 21-19 lead. The Phoenix would keep extend the lead and keep it as they won the set by a final score of 25-21.

As we head to the long intermission, some first half point to make is that these sets have been close, and very entertaining to watch. The teams almost seem equally matched, which maybe means a fifth set again to decide this one? Both teams seem to be all over the floor, as there have been players diving left and right. It will be interesting to see how both teams come out in the third set. Can either team make an early run or are we set for another close ending?

Third set: The Phoenix have definitely come out strong in the third set today as the have played to an 11-8 lead.  The Spartans have just gone on a huge run that led to a timeout as the score is now 19-13 UNCG. This is the run we knew would eventually happen, but unfortunately for Elon, it was UNCG that made their move. UNCG has come out in the second part of this third set and set the tone for the match right now as they have completely dominated the last few minutes, winning the set 25-17

Fourth set: The Phoenix have started off the set with a 5-1 run leading to a quick timeout. Let’s see if the Phoenix can extend this lead and force a fifth set for the match. UNCG has just climbed back into the game and are trailing by a score of 8-7. The Phoenix however, have just countered with their own run and now lead by a score of 14-10.  This game was just like the other, a fight until the end, with the Phoenix prevailing 25-19.

I guess things do happen again. The first match this season between the two was won in five sets by the Spartans. Lets see if the Phoenix can’t pull out a little magic and win this match.

Fifth Set: The Spartans have stormed out to a 5-1 lead and have completely dominated the set up to this point. The Spartans win the set by a final score of 14-9. This was a tough set and the Phoenix could not get a break or bit of luck.

What an amazing match though with the Sprtans beating the Phoenix 3-2. This creates a bunch of scenarios, with UNCG having their own destiny in their hands. If the Spartans can beat Furman than they will enter the SoCon tournament, but if they lose and the Phoenix win out, they will be in the tournament. If they end up with a tying record then UNCG will win the tiebreaker. The Phoenix’s next game will be Saturday against Wofford.  Anyways, this was a great game as was the last meeting between the two. Lets see how the rest of the season plays out.

Contact Information:
Matt Curry
WSOE Sports


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