Men’s Basketball: Elon washes out Washington & Lee in exhibition game 87-62

Tonight’s starting lineup for the Washington & Lee Generals is:

Guard Kyle Bond, So.
Guard John Guest, So.
Forward Ben Goetsch, Sr.
Forward J.D. Ey, Fr.
Forward Zac White, Sr.

And for the Elon Phoenix:

Guard Drew Spradlin, So.
Guard Chris Long, Jr.
Guard Devan Carter, Sr.
Forward Scott Grable, Jr.
Center Adam Constantine, SR.

-At the 15:00 mark, the Elon Phoenix and the Washington Lee Generals are tied at 7. The Phoenix have already gone to the bench bringing in Guards Josh Bonney and Terrance Birdette along with Forwards T. J Douglas and Daniel Watts into the game. Both teams are being extremely active on the boards s0 far in this game, and are contesting every shot.

-With 11 minutes left in the first half, the Phoenix have started to take a little bit of a lead led by the big men. 7 footer Daniel Watts hit a three pointer from about 22 ft and Senior Adam Constantine made a steal and went coast to coast for the dunk. The Phoenix are currently up by four points. 16-12.

-Elon Sophomore Guard Terrance Birdette just hit consecutive three pointers from the exact same spot on the floor. The Phoenix have now boosted their lead to 10. 26-16.

-With just under three minutes left in the first half the Phoenix are up by a score of 30-22. The phoenix are really playing tough defense, and have unveiled a half court press which has been effective inducing a few turnovers by the Generals.

-At halftime, the Washington and Lee Generals and the Elon Phoenix are tied at 32. The Generals ended the half on a 10-2 run, led by Forward Zac White with 13 points. The Generals are currently shooting 52% from the field, but have an alrming amount of turnovers so far with 10. Leading the Phoenix with 8 points is Guard Terrance Birdette. The Phoenix are shooting only 35.5% from the field in the first half, but are 4-11 from 3-point range.

-With 15:41 left in the second half the Washingto and Lee Generals are leading 40-39. The Generals continue to be led by the play of forwards J.D. Eye and Zac White.

-With kust over 11 minutes left in the second half, the Phoenix have regained the lead 48-42. The Phoenix offense has been much more effective throughout the game when Forward Adam Constantine has been on the floor.

-With 9:40 seconds left in the second half the Phoenix have increased their lead to 14, 58-44. Elon Forward Adam Constantine continues to be a force on the offense including a reverse dunk in the open court.

-The Phoenix have now stretched out their lead to 69-50, with 6:43 left on the clock.

-Thanks to their unrelenting defense and good shot selction, the Phoenix have are now up by 22, 80-58.

-The Elon Phoenix defeated the Washington and Lee Generals 87-62. Led by strong performances by Seniors Adam Constantine and T.J. Douglas.

Contact Infromation:
Tom Waterman
WSOE Assistant Sports Director


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