NFL: Crabtree end holdout, signs with Niners

By Eli Kaufman, WSOE Sports

The San Francisco 49ers and 1st round draft pick Michael Crabtree have finally agreed to a contract.  After holding out for the whole preseason and part of the regular season, the rookie receiver decided to accept the clubs’ six year offer early Wednesday that was similar to what was on the table in July.

Crabtree adds a lot of firepower to a pretty explosive team.  Quarterback Shaun Hill will have another weapon to utilize, on top of halfback Frank Gore, tight end Vernon Davis, and emerging halfback Glen Coffee.  This move also gives San Francisco a balanced offensive attack, as it has relied heavily on the run so far this year.

I’d expect Crabtree to get playing time in the coming weeks, and make an immediate difference.  Whether he’s making catches or not, a receiver of his caliber warrants so much attention from defenses that he’ll allow other receivers to get open.  He adds some major star power to a San Francisco team whose stock is quickly rising.

Contact Information:
Eli Kaufman
WSOE Sports


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