NFL: A pair of miracle endings in week three

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

It has only been a day since the first week three games have finished and I am still in shock at the results of two particular games: San Francisco at Minnesota, and Washington at Detroit.


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I wasn’t surprised at the final outcome of the Vikings game because I expected them to win, it was more along the lines of how they accomplished the win that shocked me and probably most of the football world. Who would have thought that the Vikings with their experienced defensive line, and outstanding offence led by the one and only Brett Favre would be down by four with two minutes left. The game came down to one final play with twelve seconds left in the fourth quarter. Favre pulled a miracle out of dirt as he usually does, scrambling around the breaking pocket and heaving a throw as the defense clobbers him, left only to watch as the ball flies towards the end zone. The ball would find the most unlikely of spots in the back of the end zone, exactly where the leaping Greg Lewis was. The touchdown was signaled and for what its worth, it was probably the closest catch ever made in relation to the back of the end zone. I think that this might possibly be Favre’s greatest finish in years because of the sheer dimensions of what happened.


Matthew Stafford, Courtesy of:

Matthew Stafford, Courtesy of:

On the other hand we have the Detroit Lions, who have lost their last nineteen games, and were looking at their best chance to finally put up a win for the next five or six weeks. Rookie Matt Stafford took his opportunity and did exactly that: provide Detroit with a win. It finally happened and to me it shouldn’t have even had a chance. Campbell cost his team the game with a shaky performance which has been known to happen throughout his career as he threw yet another interception. The real key to this game was that Stafford went his first full game without throwing an interception. Welcome to the NFL Matthew Stafford! While that may sound like praise, I believe it is something that we should expect from NFL quarterbacks, especially first round picks.

As for upcoming games, I look for the Vikings to bounce back strong against  Green Bay on Monday Night, which OH BY THE WAY means Favre will finally get revenge against the Packers. I expect this to be a great game to watch, and we all know the Metrodome will be rocking, as it is a division rival game. As for the lions, look to get back on the losing streak as they start a tough next three games against the bears. Look for Stafford to struggle again as he faces a tough bears defense, and then the Steelers.

One final note, the new team with the longest losing streak is the St. Louis Rams. Who knows if they will be the last year’s lions? We will just have to wait and see.

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WSOE Sports


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