NCAA Football: Duck Hunting

By Eli Kaufman, WSOE Sports

It was an eventful first week of college football, that included upsets, injuries, close calls, and a strong right hook. Oregon University’s star halfback LeGarrette Blount was suspended for the remainder of the season after punching Boise State Linebacker Bryon Hout after Hout taunted Blount during Boise State’s postgame victory celebration.  After the incident, Blount had to be restrained by coaches, teammates, and fans, as the screaming Boise State fans yelled at Blount as he entered the locker rooms.  Blount did issue an apology after the game, but that wasn’t enough to avoid a harsh suspension.

Oregon Coach Chip Kelly commented on the punishment on  “He will be on the team, he just won’t play on Saturdays,” Kelly said.  “Blount needs the team and structure and we won’t just throw him out on the street.”  This should come as good news for Blount, as he was projected to be a second round draft pick in next years NFL Draft, and NFL scouts say that Blount may still get drafted, just much later in the draft.

Oregon entered the game as the sixteenth ranked college football team in the country.  Their ranking will almost certainly go down after the disappointing loss to Boise State. Without their star running-back, it looks like The Ducks will have their hands full this season.

Contact Information:
Eli Kaufman
WSOE Sports


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