NFL: Favre’s Back Again

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

Brett Favre has come out of retirement again, this time to join the Vikings. Many thought after his previous statements last month that he will remain retired, his football career was over. However, we were wrong and he is back again. Favre has signed a two-year contract worth 25 million dollars, and he will be the starting quarterback.

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I think Brett will have a major impact on this team. The weakness of the Vikings was the offence led by Tavaris Jackson. Favre brings an upgraded arm and an elusiveness that only a quarterback of legend seems to have. The gunslinger claimed that he would only sign if he felt his arm would last the season, and if I were a Vikings fan, that would be a very reassuring fact.

The only question I still have about Favre is can he limit the number of interceptions he throws? I think he will be able to do this because his team is quite different than the Jets last year. The defense is tough and he has Peterson at RB and he can take a lot of the pressure off the arm of Favre.

I for one cant wait to see how Brett does this season. He is going to have a great team surrounding him, and he is motivated. Look out for the game on October 5th when the Packers come into town.  Favre has made it clear that he want revenge on the Packers and it should only enhance the great rivalry there. All that’s left to say is watch out for the Vikings because I think they will be a true contender with Favre at the head of the offence.

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Matt Curry
WSOE Sports


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