NFL: Vick Signs with Eagles

By Christian Binder, WSOE Sports

After a long, tumultuous three years, Michael Vick has returned to the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles inked the embattled QB to a 2-year deal, much to the dismay of many animal rights organizations. The deal is really a one-year deal worth $1.6M with a team option for the second year, which would be worth about $5.2M.

Several months ago, former coach Tony Dungy began visiting Vick while he was in prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, as a mentor. Dungy, a devout Christian, discussed his talks with Michael Vick on a spiritual level at the Eagles’ press conference today. He said that he asked Vick “where the Lord was in all of this” and Michael’s response was that he turned away when he reached the NFL, but has since decided to turn back. Dungy’s first sessions with Vick were purely on his own terms. Soon thereafter, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell approached Dungy about formally being a mentor to Vick on behalf of the league. Dungy accepted and will continue to mentor Vick for the forseeable future.

What does this mean for the Eagles? From a purely football standpoint, Vick is another weapon. He will almost certainly be the backup for Donovan McNabb, but he can also play in the Wildcat offense at several positions. He comes from a West Coast offense in Atlanta, so he is already familiar with all of the terminology. Vick could also see significant time if McNabb gets hurt, which he has a history of doing. Eagles head coach Andy Reid refused to say how Vick would be involved in the offense because he doesn’t want to share any secrets with any other head coaches. While Vick is not yet fully reinstated, he will be able to participate in practice immediately and play in the team’s last two preseason games. He will be eligible for full reinstatement by Week 6.

Contact Information:
Christian Binder
WSOE Sports


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