MLB: Phillies, Victorino showered in victory…Beer?

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

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Wednesday’s game between the Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies was just another rout distributed to a Phillies opponent. It was in the bottom of the fifth inning with the Phillies leading by the score of 12-2 when a long fly ball was hit to left center field. Victorino (pictured above) went back to catch the fly ball on the warning track, but was unexpectedly showered with beer thrown by a fan in the outfield stands. Amazingly enough he made the catch helping lead the Phillies to a win.

Victorino and the Cubs management are filing charges against the fan, and he will probably never have the chance to step inside the stadium ever again. It is disappointing that this should happen to anyone, and the police are still searching for the real culprit behind the incident.

I truly think there is nothing that can be done about it. This is a once in a lifetime incident, and hopefully there will be nothing like this again. I also believe no one is at fault other than this man. The security couldn’t have done anything else to stop an act such as this. We just have to look to the fans and hope they can be civil adults who can control themselves.

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  1. tracking back MLB: Phillies, Victorino showered in victory…Beer?… tracking back MLB: Phillies, Victorino showered in victory…Beer?…

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