MLB: Steroids – just one way to make the hall of infamy

By Matt Curry, WSOE Sports

Hello everyone, my name is Matt Curry and I am one of the biggest New York Mets fans you will ever meet. Baseball is my favorite sport, and I love to discuss and/or write about it. Feel free to comment on any of my blogs, and I would be glad to discuss anything I write about in more depth. Hopefully you like it and there is much more MLB talk to come in the future.

Once again steroids have made their mark upon Major League Baseball. With the latest news of the Red Sox slugger “Big Papi” Ortiz and former Red Sox player Manny Ramirez having failed drug tests in 2003, fans once again question the legitimacy of any successful power hitter over the last decade, whether it be Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, or the newly crowned home run king Barry Bonds.

I personally think it is shameful and down right dirty. Especially since most of the players found using steroids are fan favorites, and have multi-million dollar contracts every year they play. It has been one of my most haunting issues about baseball: who will turn up next and what if it is one of my favorite players? This is not something a fan should have to worry about; they should be able to enjoy every game for its spectacular plays and home runs. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind whether a player is dirty or clean. 

Therefore if I had any say, I would suggest that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig enact upon what is right and create a permanent ban on anyone who is caught using steroids. The 50-game suspension is clearly too little to make an impact, I mean just look at Manny now, he is still making millions and he seems to be just fine after sitting at home for fifty days.

I would also like to take a second to clarify that I still have faith in today’s players. Not everyone is guilty of using steroids and I applaud those who worked rigorously to even make the majors. I know that most players are against those who cheat and the only thing I dislike about this is that they haven’t asked for a more strict enforcement of illegal drugs. Players have a huge voice in the sport and they should be able to voice their complaints and be heard.

The only reason we know this much is because some names were leaked from that list of about 100 present and past players who were found using steroids. I truly believe that since some names were leaked, the privacy agreement should be terminated and everyone brought to equal playing ground. This would also get the news out into the open for all to deal with at one time, rather than waiting another four or five months to hear about another one or two players. It would be a great way to help start baseball off in cleansing itself of all the hurtful thoughts and lies surrounding it. Fans could go back to enjoying the game for what it is, and in my opinion there is nothing better than going to a game with some friends or watching it on TV. As a Mets fan, I know your team doesn’t always win, but from day to day, I never witness the same thing and it truly is great to be a part of.  This is what baseball used to be about in the days of Roger Maris, Babe Ruth, or even Hank Aaron. We need to get back to enjoying sports for what they really are and getting rid of steroids could be a drastic change to achieving this goal.

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2 thoughts on “MLB: Steroids – just one way to make the hall of infamy

  1. tracking back MLB: Steroids – just one way to make the hall of infamy… tracking back MLB: Steroids – just one way to make the hall of infamy…

  2. Carmine Muratore says:

    Hey Number One Mets Fan… I can’t agree with you more…. the use of steroids is a really bad thing and truely harms not only baseball but all sports and not only professional sports. You put your finger on a major problem that esists and may be getting worse,and the League must move quickly to establish much tougher rules and impose much tougher financial and restriction penalties on those breaking those rules…. Once this happens, players will quickly come to the realization that using artifical stimulants to improve their performance on the field will only damage their carrers, especially when it hits them “in their pockets”. They’ll understand that more than anything else…

    Keep up the good work…. the more this issue is brought to light, the greater the chances are of ridding baseball, and all other sports of this terribly damaging habit !!!!!

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