MLB: Trade Deadline Recap and Analysis

By Craig Filazzola, WSOE Sports Director

Oh baby! Trades, trades and more trades! The trade deadline was one the best in recent memory. Plenty of “impact” players were moved to contenders, and several teams were active in making deals. Without further ado, here’s Friday’s trade deadline recap and analysis, including the Top 3 Biggest Moves.

1.) BOS/CLE Trade
Boston Red Sox get: C/1B Victor Martinez
Cleveland Indians get: RHP Justin Masterson and prospects LHP Nick Hagadone and RHP Bryan Price

Martinez is a great addition to the Boston lineup. The switch-hitter has a .284 batting average, 15 home runs and 67 RBIs. He can be used as a first baseman, catcher and designated hitter and should resign with the team after this season. With a stellar bullpen, the Red Sox ultimately surrendered their worst reliever. The Indians in return receive the 24-year-old Masterson. He has done well as a starter and a reliever and proven that he can pitch in the major leagues. The prospects were just throw-ins.

1A.) BOS/ATL Trade
Boston Red Sox get: 1B Casey Kotchman
Atlanta Braves get: 1B Adam LaRoche

The Red Sox made the trade with the Indians knowing they had this deal in the works. Kotchman didn’t commit an error in two seasons in Atlanta. He’s a solid bench player for Boston, hitting a respectable .282. The Braves upgrade at first base, but the move won’t get them in the playoffs.

 2.) SEA/DET Trade
Seattle Mariners get: LHP Luke French and prospect LHP Mauricio Robles
Detroit Tigers get: LHP Jarrod Washburn

Washburn is 8-6 with the third best ERA in the AL of 2.64. In his last five starts, he has given up only three runs and 20 hits in more than 36 innings. This move adds a veteran lefty in the Tigers’ previous all-right-handed rotation and provides them a good chance to win the division. Detroit may have the starting pitcher for just this season.

3.) MIN/OAK Trade
Minnesota Twins get: SS Orlando Cabrera
Oakland Athletics get: prospect SS Tyler Ladendorf

Minnesota fills a need by getting a quality defensive shortstop in Cabrera, who is also hitting .280 for the year. In the month of July, he has a .373 batting average, a .400 on-base percentage and a .500 slugging percentage. Although this is a good pickup for the Twins, they still need more production out of their pitchers. Ladendorf, 2008 draft’s 60th overall pick, hit .410 in 17 games this year for rookie advanced Elizabethon, but has struggled for Class-A Beloit with a .222 batting average in 14 games.

Florida Marlins get: 1B Nick Johnson
Washington Nationals get: prospect LHP Aaron Thompson

What does either team have to lose? The Marlins can make a run at the NL Wild Card with a good bat, and the Nationals weren’t going to sign him in the offseason anyway.

CWS/SD Trade
Chicago White Sox get: RHP Jake Peavy
San Diego Padres get: LHP Clayton Richard, LHP Aaron Poreda, and prospects RHP Adam Russell and RHP Dexter Carter

The deal is interesting to say the least. Jake Peavy rejected a trade to the White Sox in late May and has been on the disabled list since June 3. He isn’t expected to pitch until late August and is owed $48 million over the next three seasons. On the other end, the Padres collect two unproven players and two below average prospects.

Cincinnati Reds get: 3B Scott Rolen
Toronto Blue Jays get: 3B Edwin Encarnación, RHP Josh Roenicke and prospect RHP Zach Stewart

This was the strangest trade on Friday. Why on earth did the Reds make this trade? Rolen is owed $11 million next year. Though he is having a good year, his career is winding down, and he has been known for back injuries. The Blue Jays dump money, get hit-or-miss Encarnación, Roenicke’s decent major league relief and an up-and-coming AAA reliever in Stewart. Stewart is 0-0 with a 0.73 ERA, 16 strikeouts, 11 hits allowed in 12.1 innings but yielded eight walks.

Colorado Rockies get: RHP Joe Beimel
Washington Nationals get: RHP Ryan Mattheus and RHP Robinson Fabian

The Rockies help their push for the playoffs with an addition in the bullpen. The Nationals receive prospects. What else is new?

Milwaukee Brewers get: RHP Claudio Vargas
Los Angeles Dodgers get: C Vinny Rottino

Both teams participate in a minor transaction. The Brewers needed some help with their pitching, and the Dodgers could afford giving up pitcher while acquiring a minor league catcher.

New York Yankees get: UTIL Jerry Hairston Jr.
Cincinnati Reds get: C Chase Weems

The Yankees strengthen their bench and can put Hairston practically anywhere on the field. The Reds receive a Single-A catcher.


Contact Information:
Craig Filazzola
WSOE Sports Director


4 thoughts on “MLB: Trade Deadline Recap and Analysis

  1. tracking back MLB: Trade Deadline Recap and Analysis… tracking back MLB: Trade Deadline Recap and Analysis…

  2. Andy Sadler says:

    I’d argue you missed the most important deadline trade! That would be George Sherrill to the Dodgers for minor leaguers Josh Bell and Steve Johnson. Watching Sherrill pitch this weekend, he was virtually unhittable. He gives them the lefty presence late in games the bullpen needs as a bridge to Jonathan Broxton (no other lefty in the pen has appeared in more than 11 games this year). Wouldn’t they have loved to have George last year to face Matt Stairs?

  3. Andy Sadler says:

    Ah, I misunderstood the wording. Glad to see you’re still on your game, Craig.

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