MLB: Contrary to reports, Halladay could still get traded

By Craig Filazzola, WSOE Sports Director

Halladay, 32 years old, is 11-3 with a 2.73 ERA this season.  Courtesy of:

Halladay, 32, is 11-3 with a 2.73 ERA this season. Courtesy of:

Toronto’s General Manager J.P. Ricciardi says that it is unlikely he will trade Roy Halladay, according to recent reports. Don’t be quick to believe it. This is how the game is played. Ricciardi may be hoping a team will up their offer, knowing that Halladay may not be dealt.

Jon Heyman, reporter for Sports Illustrated, said the Blue Jays offered Halladay to the Mets for top outfield prospect Fernando Martinez, pitchers Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell, and shortstop prospect Ruben Tejada, but the Mets turned it down.  New York reportedly denied that this potential trade was discussed. If Heyman, one of baseball’s best reporters, is correct, then the Mets blew a great opportunity.

Reports also say that Ricciardi has made July 28 the deadline for any deal involving Halladay. The Blue Jays know they’re not in contention for the playoffs this season. Wouldn’t they love to unload the $5-7 million Halladay’s owed for the rest of this year and the $15 million he will make next year? The team is having financial problems, which is why they should and need to trade their ace. There are still plenty of teams that are interested in arguably the best pitcher in the American League.

What teams are interested in Halladay?

Angels – Infielders Brandon Wood and Sean Rodriguez and pitchers Jordan Walden and Trevor Reckling are probably the team’s best prospects, but they may fall short of what Toronto would want.

Brewers – They acquired Sabathia in July of last year, and they have the prospects to make another blockbuster deal. I think Halladay could end up in Milwaukee if he doesn’t in Philadelphia.

Cardinals – A deal would need to center around converted third baseman Brett Wallace and other prospects. I could see St. Louis pulling off a trade.

Dodgers – They have more than enough prospects and major leaguers to offer the Blue Jays. The question is whether or not they will part with them. I wouldn’t count on it.

Phillies – They’re the favorites. They have the players. Let’s wheel and deal! Despite Philadelphia’s refusal to give up top pitching prospect Kyle Drabek, the defending champs have the pieces for a deal, they don’t play in the same league as the Blue Jays, and this trade would give them an excellent chance to repeat.

Red Sox – I highly doubt Halladay will land here. Reporters have mentioned pitcher Clay Buchholz as the key player to make a trade. I don’t think Boston or Toronto want to exchange players within the division. I would trade Buchholz, shortstop Jed Lowrie, and another prospect if the first two weren’t enough.

Yankees – Again, this would be in the same division. New York has the players, but the chances of a trade happening are slim.

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Craig Filazzola
WSOE Sports Director


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