NFL: Goodell knows what he’s doing

By Adam Lawson, WSOE Sports

Apparently having one never-ending story wasn’t enough for the NFL offseason.  Joining Favre in the daily NFL Live and Sportscenter reports will be Michael Vick, who after being released from house arrest, is now a free man.  Will he play? Will he be a quarterback?  Will he even be reinstated?

Goodell has been commissioner since the 2006 season.  Courtesy of:

Goodell has been commissioner since the 2006 season. Courtesy of:

Goodell said that he would wait two weeks before meeting with Vick.  I like this approach.  I don’t want Vick to play again.  He was a black eye for the league, and let’s be honest, he was probably the most overrated quarterback in football during his time with the Falcons.  But, if you are going to reinstate him, make him wait a little bit. 

If I was Vick right now, I would be on the phone with every single humane society in the United States and Canada offering my services for PSAs to help reduce dog fighting.  NFL Commish Roger Goodell isn’t just going to let him back in for sitting on his couch the next two weeks.  Vick has to earn the right to play again.

And let’s think about it.  Vick hasn’t even really been punished at all by the league.  I mean if you want to be technical, he was suspended indefinitely about two years ago.  But that doesn’t matter.  How can you play from jail?  Even if he wasn’t punished by the league, he still would have missed the last two seasons.  So, Vick has to do a lot over the next two weeks to even think about being reinstated if I’m the commissioner.   

And even if he is reinstated, who’s going to sign him?  Why would you?  Let’s see, the economy stinks, season ticket holders will decide they don’t want any part of this, and all of a sudden you lose money.  Last time I checked, billionaire owners like money.  Do you honestly think any type of public relations can spin this to get more people to the stadium?  I mean, this isn’t the UFL, where people would go just to see Vick.  This is the National Football League, where the best athletes play, and head cases like Pacman Jones don’t get to play.  That’s just the cold truth.  And now, I’m seeing people begging for Goodell to allow Vick to play again.  This is a game, people.  When you were a kid, if you killed the family pet, you probably got your Monopoly taken away.  Football is Vick’s Monopoly.  You can survive without it.  It’s a game.  You make a lot of money playing the game, but at the end of the day, it’s a privilege, and Mr. Vick has been grounded indefinitely.

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