MLB: Some salt for those wounds? Yes, please.

By Adam Lawson, WSOE Sports

This isn’t 1969, and they are far from amazing.  The New York Mets (43-48) are the biggest joke in baseball, and it’s not even close. 

Spare me the argument that the Nats are about to complete the worst baseball season in MLB history.  Nobody expected anything more from them.  The team-turned-circus sideshow in Queens is a much greater disappointment.  And this is the threequel.  After two straight seasons of being the biggest choke artists in the history of September baseball, the Mets have found new ways to lose.  Injuries are a part of the equation, a huge chunk in fact.  But let’s face it.  There are things that they do that make you say “That could only happen to the Mets.”

A walk-off popup.  Could only happen against the Mets.  Luis Castillo dropped the ball, and yet A-Rod was the one who was mobbed by his fellow Yankees afterwards.  Somehow I think the Bronx Bombers congratulated the wrong guy.  Not scoring a run because you forgot to touch third?  In extra innings, no less?  Only the Mets could pull off this feat, and Ryan Church did on May 18th against the Dodgers.  Falling down while tracking down a can of corn fly ball?  Daniel Murphy has you covered, despite the fact that he made the play of the year so far at first base.  And, of course, the injuries.  Beltran, Reyes, Putz, Delgado, all stuck on the DL.  Could only happen to the Mets.

And it seems like it’s only getting worse.  Last night, in an ESPN Sunday nighter against the Braves, Fernando Nieve, one of the lone bright spots on a fourth-place team, got hurt.  How did he go down?  He tripped over first base trying to beat out an infield hit.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  Then, Alex Cora dropped a throw from catcher Brian Schneider, costing the team a force at second.  Only the Mets, folks, only the Mets.

The fun part is trying to guess what’ll happen next?  Walkoff balk?  Can’t be too far off the horizon.  Mr. Met going down with a season-ending concussion?  Hard to believe it hasn’t happened yet.

The folks in Queens better get used to this for at least a few more years.  GM Omar Minaya has three years left on his contract, so he won’t be cut loose anytime soon.  Jerry Manuel is a lame duck manager, and even if he isn’t around next year, you gotta wonder if this sinking ship has the ability to be salvaged.  David Wright will continue to star for New York’s second favorite team, but even he is about as overrated as they come.  Despite hitting .322, he hits .245 with runners in scoring position and two outs, and is a studly .167 this season with the bases loaded.  You gotta wonder whether he will ever live up to all the hype.  Bobby Parnell and Fernando Martinez were supposed to be the stars of the future.  They haven’t looked all that great in the bigs this year. 

The Mets won’t blow a division lead in September this year.  They’ll just be overjoyed if they have enough healthy bodies to field a team by the time the season concludes.

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Adam Lawson
WSOE Sports


3 thoughts on “MLB: Some salt for those wounds? Yes, please.

  1. Robert W. says:

    Adam, I have to say I’ve lost a little respect for you with this piece. Yes, I’m a Mets fan. But, any two year old can figure out the Mets have major problems this season and they’re all injury related. This season is entirely unrelated to the last two seasons. I will say, Adam, this is truly you trying to score points with your new girlfriend, which is really weak. Be opinionated, but be fair. You’re better than this.

  2. tracking back MLB: Some salt for those wounds? Yes, please…. tracking back MLB: Some salt for those wounds? Yes, please….

  3. No, I’m not trying to “score points”. I’m simply stating facts, and the fact of the matter is that for 3 years now everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for hte Mets. Tell me when I’m lying. If it’s not this, it’s that or the other thing. Yeah, your whole team is hurt. That’s a valid excuse. But you still do all the little things wrong, which is what I mentioned in this piece. If the Braves were the similar way, I would write an article about them. Don’t bring my relationships into this.

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