MLB: AL> NL^13

By Andy Harris, WSOE Sports

I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to express the AL’s dominance in scientific notation, and I’m using numbers because I’m not sure words can express it either.  14 years!  That’s how long it’s been since the NL won an All-Star game (for the dummies who are about to comment “The AL’s winning streak is only 13, you meatball,” A.) you have to go back one year past the AL’s first win to find the last won the NL won, thus leaving you with 13+1=14, and B) the two leagues tied in 2002.  They’re now on a 7-year win streak, and have won 12 of 13.)  14 years!  I was six the last time the NL came back with their shields rather than on them.  I wasn’t even a fan of Dragon Ball Z yet. 

The last few years, however (namely, every year since 1997), it’s seemed as if the All-Star game has lost some of its luster.  It just doesn’t feel like the clash of the titans that it used to be.  Maybe it’s because the AL is vastly superior and everyone’s anticipating another victory for the junior circuit.  Maybe I’m just becoming like every baseball fan and beginning to lament how much the game has changed since my childhood.  (“Back in my day, players actually gave a hollerin’ hoot about the All-Star game!  The sport was full of blue-collar dirtball types like Pete Rose, who all but killed a man just to score a run!  These players today are nothing like ole Pete, they’re all no-talent prima donnas like that Alex Roidriguez.”  “But dad, A-Rod was way better than Rose.”  “Yeah, but did he ever bleed on the field?”)

So I don’t know what’s gone wrong with the Summer Classic.  Maybe nothing.  Regardless, I feel like some changes need to be made to the All-Star game, whether there’s a problem or not.  As they say, if there’s not a problem, fix it anyway. 

Contact Information:
Andy Harris
WSOE Sports


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