MLB: Bud Selig just doesn’t get it

By Adam Lawson, WSOE Sports

So, I was listening to “Mike and Mike” today on my way to work, when Bud Selig came on to the set outside Busch Stadium for a “State of the State” interview on baseball.  One of the first topics they discussed was the fact that the All-Star Game determines home field advantage in the Fall Classic, and it seems to me Bud Selig just doesn’t get it.

While Greenberg loves the idea of the victor getting all the spoils from the All-Star Game, Golic couldn’t disagree more, and he just pummeled Selig with solid arguments, and after every single point Golic made, Selig couldn’t defend himself.  It was quite humorous.  Basically, because Selig likes the idea, we are stuck with it, and that doesn’t make any sense.

Golic pointed out two valid solutions to solving who should get home field.  One, let the league with the best record during interleague play get to host Game 1 of the World Series.  This idea may be even worse than the way the system currently works.  Two, let the team in the World Series with the best record host the game.  HELLO!  This is exactly what needs to happen.  Selig had to have had a valid reason for why the system doesn’t work this way, right?

Selig has been the Commissioner of Major League Baseball since 1992.  He will be 75 years old on July 30.  Courtesy of:

Selig has been the Commissioner of Major League Baseball since 1992. He will be 75 years old on July 30. Courtesy of:

Wrong.  His argument was that it would become impossible to have a World Series if they waited until October 4th before they knew where it would be.  He claimed it would be impossible to book hotels, the players would have nowhere to stay, and therefore we wouldn’t have a champion.  Really, Bud?  That’s your freaking argument?  Really?  That’s your final answer?  I’m just checking Bud, because that may be the most comical response I have ever heard to this topic.  The NBA does a pretty damn good job with the Finals, and they determine who plays in that by, guess what, the best record of the two teams in the Finals.  Yet, it’s just so impossible to do this in baseball, right?  Because we all know tourism is at it’s peak in early October, right? 

He also said that his argument is obviously valid because Ron Santo and Hank Aaron agreed with him.  Because we all know that these two opinions are the end all and be all, right Bud?  Selig said that the players play with much more intensity because the game means something, and that ratings have gone up.  Admittedly, that’s a better argument, but it’s still not very good.  I could care less if they play with all the intensity in the world, I don’t want a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals, or Kansas City Royals deciding where the sport’s championship will start.  That’s just dumb.  You can brand this game all you want, you can say “This one counts” until the cows come home, people will watch it because they like baseball and these are the game’s best players.  That doesn’t mean squat to me.  A year ago, the Phillies and the Rays took part in the Classic.  How many of those players didn’t have a part in who got home field?  Only three Rays were on the AL roster (Scott Kazmir, Evan Longoria, and Dioner Navarro) and Chase Utley and Brad Lidge were the sole Phillies on the NL squad.  How much of an impact did they have on the 15-inning thriller at Yankee Stadium?  How come guys that mattered in October like David Price, Carlos Pena, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, and Ryan Howard couldn’t participate?

The whole system stinks.  And if Bud Selig doesn’t recognize that this is just an exhibition, then he shouldn’t be the commissioner of Major League Baseball.  Period!  “This one counts.”  You’re kidding, right?

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