MLB: Manny Ramirez to return Friday

By Adam Lawson, WSOE Sports

Congratulations, Juan Pierre.

You have done so well since Manram went AWOL.  While you don’t have a dinger on the season, you have hit .322, stolen 22 bases, and scored 37 runs.  You have even driven in 24 runs.  You have been a great influence on the Dodgers, on and off of the field.  So, with all of this, here is your reward:  the pine.

I guess that’s how the conversation must have gone down with Dodgers management and Pierre this week.  A man who has done everything right will be replaced by a man who got suspended for doing everything wrong starting Friday, when Manny Ramirez comes back from a 50-game suspension for taking a women’s fertility drug. This just goes to show that loyalty as we know it does not exist in baseball.

Here’s my suggestion to the Dodgers, and bear with me, especially you, Russell Varner!  Make Manny earn his job back.  Look at Mickey Mantle, and if I am wrong then it was some other world famous New York Yankee, so you catch my drift.  Mantle, or some other guy, got the job because he performed when the starter got hurt.  Well, Manny was gone, and for all intents and purposes, Pierre earned the starting job.  Make Manny pinch-hit for a while, give Pierre an occasional day of rest, whatever it takes.  But don’t give Manny the starting job right away, that’s ridiculous.  Sure, he can hit.  We all know what he can do, he’s a ballplayer.  But he hurt the team, or at least he would have if it wasn’t for Pierre.  For that reason alone, Manny shouldn’t start. 

But we all know come Friday, Manny Ramirez will be goofing around in left field, just Manny being Manny.  We all know Pierre will be benched, let’s just hope he gets traded somewhere where he can get a shot to play everyday, he deserves it after all.  The Dodgers are reopening Mannywood for a reason.  Loyalty isn’t the top priority in baseball.  ‘Cuz at the end of the day, this sport is all about the Benjamins.

Contact Information:
Adam Lawson
WSOE Sports


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