NBA: Battle of the Intros

By Russell Varner, WSOE Sports

You wanna know one of the reasons I still love the NBA? Because you still have characters like Shaq and LeBron James who do things like hilarious commercials and planned introductions? (Shaqtus and Shaqtastic should now be allowed in all Scramble games I say.) Oh yea, they make some plays on the court too.

I mean, have you seen some of the stuff they have been doing lately? It’s classic, funny and something all the fans look forward to. So, and you know someone was gonna ask this sooner or later, who has the better intro?

We’ll start with the man with a thousand self-given nicknames (breaking an unwritten rule there, but that’s another story), Shaquille O’Neal. He was the one who originally sent out a challenge to LeBron to see who has the better introduction and he has had some classics. First, there was the ‘Superman,’ where he is carried by many of his teammates as he flies like Superman. I think this is the most difficult of the intros, since the teammates actually have to hold up Shaq. And that’s pretty damn impressive. Major points for that. Introduction number two: bowling with teammates. Man, I love this one. The wobbly pin really makes this one as good as it is. Props for that.

Now let’s move onto King James. He has had the photo intro for a little while now and yet he and his teammates are still finding new variations to add onto it. I mean, how can you not love it? You got Delonte West jumping into his teammates’ arms and everyone acting like little kids. And this is on a nightly basis. You know I’ve got to reward him with some nice points for that, much like Tony Reali on Around the Horn (on a side note, I have now accomplished a side life goal of being Stat Boy from PTI for a day. Woo hoo). And then there is the Christmas Day game, when he gets the crowd involved in his chalk clap. Watch the video and tell me that is not one of the sickest things you have ever seen. That is just ridiculous. Hence, more points for LeBron and he wins. Sorry Shaq, gotta go with the young gun here. Hey, at least you’ll make the playoffs so you can….oh wait, never mind. Y’all forgot how to defend against the Mavs. Well, it’ll be weird to have a postseason with out you, Shaq. Maybe ESPN can open up an analyst spot for you, since they do for everyone else.

To see videos of the aforementioned intros, [click here].

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