NFL: From Super Bowl Hero to Super Chump…The Story of Plaxico Burress

By Tom Waterman, WSOE Sports

As a Giants fan, one of the most memorable moments as a fan was watching Plaxico Burress haul in the game winning score to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. It was David beating Goliath. But little did we know that a little more then a year later that Plaxico Burress would be facing possible prison time in connection with a severe gun possession charge after shooting himself in a nightclub, and no longer be a New York Giant.

I’m not going to get into details regarding his case or recent actions, including five traffic stops in the last month with the most recent involving a heated argument with a deputy sheriff, but it became clearly obvious that winning games and playing football were not his top priorities anymore. However, I believe the Giants are now a better team without him. I would not have said this two months ago after watching the Giants crumble at the end of the year due to a one dimensional offense that lacked a big play threat. However, the Giants can finally move on! There won’t be anymore of his skipping workouts, not practicing, or showing up late for team meetings.

With 10 picks in the draft the Giants have ample opportunity to fill their only hole on a team that posses a stable full of running backs, a very underrated offensive line, and simply the best defensive line in football. Giants fans remember this name…Hakeem Nicks, if all goes well hopefully will be seeing this young wide receiver playing for Big Blue next year.

It might take the Giants some time to escape all the Plaxico Burress drama, especially with his next court appearance in just over two months. But the Giants can now finally move on, because the players they do have know that the name on the front of the jersey is always more important then the name on the back.

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