NBA: Who should win the NBA MVP?

By Russell Varner, WSOE Sports

So the NBA hot topic at this very split second in time is who should win the MVP award this season. Last season’s MVP, Kobe Bryant? The god-child, LeBron James? Or the NBA’s new hottest player, Dwayne Wade? Well, the better question will be who SHOULD win the MVP award.

In the past, the award has usually gone to the best player on the best team. Anyone who knows me knows how big of a Kobe Bryant fan I am, but he probably shouldn’t have won the award last year. Let’s be honest, Chris Paul was much more important to the Hornets’ success than Kobe was to the Lakers’ last year. But Kobe had deserved the award in so many of the previous years that the NBA decided it was finally time for Kobe to win it.


So how can we possibly find a right way to pick the MVP? Simple. I say the NBA should look at the teams without the player up for the award and think about how good the team would be without him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the MVP the player who is most valuable to his team? So, shouldn’t the award then go to the player that makes the biggest difference to his team? As in they would suck with him?


So let’s look at the teams in question: the Lakers, the Cavs and the Heat. Without Kobe, the Lakers would be a good team, so that takes Kobe out of the question. This leaves a LeBron-less Cavs against a D-Wade-less Heat. It’s very close, but I think that the Heat are just barely better than the Cavs when both stars are out. So, going by that, LeBron James should be this year’s MVP. The only team he could be more valuable for would be the Cleveland Browns (it’s also the only way they will make the playoffs again, but that’s another story). This Cleveland team was made for LeBron. Every move they’ve made the past few years has been because of LeBron and to make him and the team better (though one can argue that that is why any team makes a move). Without LeBron though, the Cavs would just be a bunch of 3-point shooters and big guys. No superstars, just a bunch of role players, and that would not have them in first place in the East and battling for the best record in the NBA. LeBron James should without a doubt win the MVP award. But it’s been a little while since the NBA has given the award to the right guy, so the award is still up for grabs by whoever wants it.


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