NCAA Men’s Basketball: Top Seeds Uncovered

By James Pearce, WSOE Sports

We are just two days away from selection sunday, and more than in previous years, drama surrounds which teams will be awarded the number one seeds.  Yesterday was a mess for the top teams in the land, with Oklahoma, UConn, Pittsburgh, and Kansas all falling, and Memphis and Washington struggling way more than they should have.  So the question is wide open today more than ever:  Who will get the number one seeds?  Here’s a look at the top contenders

#1 North Carolina- Winning today, albeit closely, sewed it up for them.  Nothing they or anyone else can do will keep them out of the top spot in the South region.

#2 Pittsburgh- Yesterday’s 14-point loss to West Virginia hurts them immensely.  The selection committee will want to avoid putting three teams from the Big East as top seeds.  If Louisville wins the Big East tournament, which they will, Pitt probably

#3 UConn- Compared to what Pitt did, UConn’s 6-OT supergame against #20 Syracuse last night is not bad at all.  Any team that plays well for more than a game and a half like that, coupled with a great regular season, deserves a top seed.

#4 Memphis- Struggling against Tulane yesterday did nothing to advance their cause.  A week overall schedule does not make an undefeated season in-conference alright.  They deserved the top seed if the rolled through the C-USA tourney, and putting up 51 on Tulane does not cut it.  If the Tigers want to be considered legit, they need to move up to the Big East or Atlantic 10.  Hell, even maybe the Missouri Valley.  I defended Memphis up till yesterday, but they dont deserve it anymore.

#5 Louisville- If they win the Big East, they get a number one seed.  If they lose at any point (all the potential respectable losses are out), then it’s down to a number 2.  Very simple.  I’m confident that they’ll win the automatic bid, and thus a top seed.

#6 Oklahoma- The loss yesterday to Oklahoma State made this dark horse even darker.  Oklahoma needed to win the Big XII tournament, and they didnt even come close.  No top seed for them.  They may have fallen as far as a 3…

#7 Michigan State- Still a shot.  IF and ONLY IF the win the Big Ten Championship.  With a regular season and tournament title in a deep conference, they have earned it.  Unfortunately for them, the ACC and Big East own college basketball this season, leaving little room for an outsider.  But from the looks of it, the pieces have fallen Sparty’s way, and if they do what they should, they’ll get that top seed in the Midwest.  And few teams will have an easier road to the title, but thats another story…

#9 Duke-  Still has an outside shot at the top seed in the East.  With wins over Wake Forest and UNC in the semis and finals, and thus an ACC Title, coupled with Michigan State and Louisville losing, and Memphis struggling, Duke would earn a number one seed.  But the length of that scenario alone should tell you how high Duke’s hopes should get.

So who’s in, as of right now?

South- North Carolina 
East- UConn 
Midwest- Michigan State 
West- Louisville

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